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RLC Precision Load PV/Grid Inverter Anti-islanding Test System

Test Circuit for Anti-Islanding Detection (IEC62116-2008)

ACLT Series

Since ACLT Series launched into market, more than 500 customers had bought our products, and we had promoted ACLT Series four times.

UL Germany, Intertek Guangzhou and Shanghai, TUV Rheinland Taiwan and Shanghai, TUV SUD Guangzhou and Wuxi and BV are our customers.

Anti-Islanding Test Device satisfies the testing of grid inverter requirements. It satisfies Islanding Prevention Detection of utility grid inverter, work efficiency test of utility grid inverter, overload protection test, over-current protection test, power factor experiment, grid electric current harmonic test and so on.

ACLT-2202H (Micro-Inverter Test)

ACLT-2210H (Up to 10KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-3803H (Up to 30KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-3830H (Up to 100KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-3840H (Up to 130KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-3860H (Up to 200KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-3880H (Up to 250KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-38160H (Up to 500KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-38300H (Up to 1000KW Inverter Test)

ACLT-38450H (Up to 1500KW Inverter Test)

Technical Parameters

The major loop is consisted of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load.

RLC load control mode: remote PC control.

The three parts of load is controlled by switches piecewise, can be adjusted automatic or manual

Resistive load R, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K

Inductive load L, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

Capacitive load C, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

Resistive part, Inductive part and capacitive part could be combined wilfully, the minimum stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

The power of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load could be independent controlled and adjusted, it satisfies that adjust the resonant point accurately when the voltage was unbalance. It satisfies the testing needs of grid inverter full load, it simulates the occurrence of the circuit resonance accurately; effectively inspect the Islanding Prevention function of utility grid inverter.

Precision of voltage is ±0.5%, resolution of voltage is 0.1V; current measurement range 0- ~A; precision of current is ±1A.

The range of applicable environmental temperature:-10~+40℃; Type of cooling: forced air cooling;

The way of connection: Three-phase four-wire, Single-phase two wire.

High accuracy parasitic parameters with automatic compensation: RLC precision load and circuit adopt low parasitic components, automatic compensating resistance and inductance.

It satisfies the requirements of test of the grid inverter anti-islanding experiment, it satisfies the requirement of test of IEC62116-2008 standard experiment, and version IEC62116-2008 has internal test steps (31 times)

Main Customers

National Scientific Research Centers & Identification Institutions

1. State Grid Electric Power Research Institute:NATIONAL ENERGY SOLAR CENTRE (NESC)(four sets, two of them are 1M W, the largest in the world at present, UL Cooperation laboratory);

2. China Electric Power Research Institute(CGC Cooperation laboratory)

3. Shenzhen Electronic Product Quality Testing Center(SET CGC Cooperation laboratory)Solar Product Certification

4. National Solar PV Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

5. Xuchang KETOP Electrical Apparatus Testing & Research Institute(CGC Solar Product Certification Cooperation laboratory)

6.China Electronic Product Relibility and Environmental Testing Research Institute

7.Guangzhou Electric Power Research Institute New Energy Sources Centre

8. UL Germanythree sets

9. Anhui Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

10. State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Power Distribution Experiment Center

11. Sungrow Power

12. Solar Max

13. Danfoss

14. Santerno

15. Other Identification Institutions: Intertek Guangzhou and Shanghai, TUV Rheinland Taiwan and Shanghai, TUV SUD Guangzhou and Wuxi, BV, Guangdong Testing Institute for Product Quality Supervision, Sino Measurement laboratory,China Southeast Power Grid laboratory, Neimenggu Electric Power Research Institute Testing Center and so on.

Inverter Manufacturers

Sungrowpower, Samil Power, Nanjing First Second Power, Emerson Shenzhen, BYD Shenzhen, East Power, Xiamen Clenergy, Anhui EHE New Energy, Shanghai Macsolar, Baoding Tianwei, Beijing Corona, BIICHG and so on.


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