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ACLT-3803H: Inverter Anti-islanding Test System (RLC Load Bank)


Satisfy 30KW grid inverter and below anti-islanding test

Input Voltage: three-phase AC400V50Hz or single phase AC230V50Hz

Anti-Islanding Test Device satisfies the testing of grid inverter requirements. It satisfies Islanding Prevention Detection of utility grid inverter, work efficiency test of utility grid inverter, overload protection test, over-current protection test, power factor experiment, grid electric current harmonic test and so on.

The major loop is consisted of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load.

The power of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load is 33.33K respectively. Installed gross capacity: 99.99KVA.

It satisfies 100W-30KW grid inverter testing.

RLC load control mode: remote PC control.

The three parts of load is controlled by switches piecewise, can be adjusted automatic or manual

Resistive load R: 0-33.33KW, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K

Inductive load L: 0-33.33KVA, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

Capacitive load C: 0-33.33KVar, adjustable continuously, stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

Resistive part, Inductive part and capacitive part could be combined wilfully, the minimum stepping amplitude is 0.001K.

The power of resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load could be independent controlled and adjusted, it satisfies that adjust the resonant point accurately when the voltage was unbalance. It satisfies the testing needs of grid inverter full load, it simulates the occurrence of the circuit resonance accurately; effectively inspect the Islanding Prevention function of utility grid inverter.

Precision of voltage is ±0.5%, resolution of voltage is 0.1V; current measurement range 0-200A; precision of current is ±1A.

The range of applicable environmental temperature:-10~+40℃; Type of cooling: forced air cooling;

The way of connection: Three-phase four-wire, Single-phase two wire.

High accuracy parasitic parameters with automatic compensation: RLC precision load and circuit adopt low parasitic components, automatic compensating resistance and inductance.

It satisfies the requirements of test of the grid inverter anti-islanding experiment, it satisfies the requirement of test of IEC62116-2008 standard experiment, and version IEC62116-2008 has internal test steps (31 times)

Product appearance size: 720mm*825mm*950mm, N.W.:200KG, G.W.:about 250KG.