Beijing Qunling Energy Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Qunling Energy Resources Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taiwan Keninnet International Technology Corp., is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on developing test instruments in new energy fields. Qunling Energy Resources Technology specializes in the R&D and manufacture of RLC load for grid inverter anti-islanding protection detection, PV array testers for PV power plants, test equipment for electrical vehicle charger systems, power battery charge-discharge testers, and so on.
Taiwan Keninnet International Technology Corp. was founded in 1990 as a technology oriented company. We are a leading company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of maintenance/test instruments. 60,000 sets of "INNET" brand testers have been selling well all over the world. Since Keninnet entered into domestic market in July, 1996, we have sold 30,000 sets of "INNET" brand test equipment. Besides Beijing Qunling Energy Resources Technology Co., Ltd., we also have three branches and two factories.
Main Business Scope:
1. Photovoltaic Inverter Test Platforms - Inverter Anti-islanding Protection Detection Specialist in China
2. PV Power Station Mobile Test Platforms - Integrated Service Provider
3. Battery Storage Inverter Test Platforms - Storage Power Station Testing
4. Distributed Power Test Platforms - Micro-grid Simulation Testing
5. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Test Platforms - BMS Testing Unique in China
6. Micro-grid Experiment Platform Construction - Solar, Wind, Energy Storage, Diesel and Capacitor
7. Battery Test Equipment - Test Instrument for Power Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries and Lithium Iron Batteries